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At Sleepmasters, we've got more than 20 years experience behind us, making us one of the leading bed brands in the market. We understand the importance of making sure our customers get a great night's sleep and we use our extensive expertise to provide you with excellent-quality beds, bed frames, divans and children’s beds - all at great prices.

You'll only find top-quality products under our brand name, ensuring you get a superior night's sleep, whether it's on one of our pocket sprung divan beds or a luxurious water bed. We always try to stay ahead of the competition, so whatever you choose you can be sure you'll get great quality at a great price.

We have a unique rating system for all of our beds, so you'll quickly and easily be able to find one which suits your needs. Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, we rate our beds' firmness from one to ten so you'll be able to find one that is perfect for you quickly and easily. But that’s not all – we also rate the luxury of our beds, taking into account the build quality, spring system and base so we’ll help you get the best bed for your budget.

We appreciate how vital it is for you to get a decent night's sleep and with Sleepmasters, you can be sure you're getting a top-quality product which will give you just that.